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On this page, you’ll find some really important links related to the new plasmoid paradigm. Technology has reached the point in the last 7 years where even regular people are capturing great videos and pictures of giant ball lightning, luminous tornadoes, big ball lightning setting the way of lightning bolts, giant ball lightning around volcanoes, and other anomalous phenomena. To understand plasmoids, look at the videos and read this essential literature.

Lewis, The Plasmoid Paradigm and the Current Depression Period, smartscarecrow (Feb. 13, 2014) presentation (2 hours long): and presentation (in pdf):

Lewis, smartscarecrow (Jan 9, 2014) presentation (1:20 minutes):

Ken Shoulders died. He had a webpage. On there, there were good articles such as “Permittivity Transitions” and his article about Tom Warner’s lightning videos in which you can see the ball lightnings clearly in slow motion These are good articles to read.

Planetary plasmoid information: This site has good articles by Goodspeed and others: “The Craters Are Electric.”

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