Trust Jesus as Your Atoning Sacrifice

As years go by and the world seems to be going into a funk due in part to this Kondratieff trough and the actions of big centralized governments, it is more and more important for people to trust Jesus as saviour and Lord.

He’ll both supply, feed and lead you and save you as your atoning sacrifice. To understand what the atoning sacrifice is, read Hebrews chapters 8 and 10 and Romans chapters 3 and 4. Through trusting that he paid for your sins and redeemed you into his kingdom, he becomes your righteousness for you so that “your sins and lawless deeds He’ll remember no more.” You will not fall into God’s wrath.

On an everyday level, he promises to supply your needs, heal, restore you, and make you happy. It is the blessing to those who are justified by faith in His Blood.

Ask the Lord Jesus to help you understand this good news and come into your heart and life forever. Real salvation is not what you do for yourself to get yourself into the future eternal life, but what Jesus did and does for you. So ask Him into your heart and believe Him.

I want to encourage you that I’ve found Jesus to be true to his word and very powerful. If you have questions, contact me: June 23, 2014.

Detailed Salvation Messages: How to Be Saved by God

Here is a great pamphlet about salvation and how to go to heaven and be blessed. It was written by a famous German in the 1800s. I urge everyone to read it because I have found very few as good and clear. Salvation is by faith in Jesus.

This is also a very good salvation tract about the meaning of John 3:16 that was written by Ironside. He lived in the early to middle decades of the 20th century.


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