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Health Risks of Microplasmoids in Transmutation/Energy Generation Experiments and Devices manuscript June 30, 2021. Updated August 27, 2021. Now, through Priakhin and Urutskoev’s new 2021 article about laboratory tests on plants and cells, there is clearer laboratory test evidence that flying microplasmoids might damage people’s health. This presentation focuses on some evidence of damage to health, the identity, history, general characteristics, and energetic effects of micro ball lightning, suggestions for shielding, protective clothing and gear and health protection, and methods for detection of flying micro ball lightning and plasmoid state patches.

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Micro Ball Lightning and States, Effects, and Directions for Research Article in the Atmosphere, Ionosphere, Safety Kalingrad 2020 Conference Proceedings (Summer 2020). Russians have led the experimental research on ball lightning, microplasmoids and transmutation during the past 15 years, and this conference proceedings contains notable articles on atmospheric electricity, lightning phenomena, and ball lightning phenomena by mainly Russian researchers and researchers from other countries. The entire proceedings is available here. My contribution is on pages 197 to 200. In it, I focus in on recent experiments conducted in the past 7 years and describe some suggestions about research topics. I also warn about safety issues and explain methods for detecting, shielding, and state switching microplasmoids. Very few people know about the state switching characteristic, and theories must adequately account for it to be a general theory of the plasmoid state.

Microplasmoid Phenomena: Detection, Shielding and Control Letter to the Editor in Infinite Energy, issue 149, January/February 2020.

“Strange Particles” Plasmoids and the Need for a Paradigm Change in Physics Infinite Energy, issue 147, September 2019. In this article, I show how science has progressed through revolutions in physics every 80 years, discuss details about plasmoids including their state changing behavior, and explain some about how the new Plasmoid Paradigm has developed and is developing.

Past Letters, Articles, and Manuscripts

Plasmoid Health Warning Letter Letter to the Editor in Infinite Energy, issue 145, May 2019.
Plasmoid Theory: The Basic Underlying Theory of the Plasmoid Paradigm, manuscript article, May 31, 2019. This abstract describes basic theoretical ideas of my theory of plasmoids. It was sent in to the ICCF22 site.
Planetary and Microscopic Plasmoid Markings and Effects, manuscript article, January 11, 2014. This long article contains more than 30 pictures of microplasmoids and plasmoid marks on planets and moons. The markings are compared and causal explanations are attempted. Perhaps not all the markings I call planetary and lunar plasmoid markings were really caused by giant plasmoids. This plasmoid field is evolving. This is my best explanation so far.
More Evidence of Microscopic Ball Lightning (Plasmoids) in CF Devices (Letter and Errata), JOURNAL OF CONDENSED MATTER NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 7, April, 2012. A longer survey article was published in 2009. See the next article. This article addresses the plasmoid markings of Mossier-Boss et al. and Adamenko et al. which have recently been published. The similarities to known plasmoid marks are described. This author is uncertain whether the plasmoids emerged or formed behind their holes or pits or whether plasmoids moving from somewhere else struck the spots and left the holes or pits. It is thought that in electrodes given the right condition, the atoms and material in specific spots change state to the plasmoid state I’ve written about since 1992. This “plasmoid state” of material and energy evidence the anomalous phenomena of natural ball lightning including transmutation effects, superconductivity, and anomalous travel including through materials without visible effect on the materials. There are often little or no heat effects. The state of matter may continue to exist in electrodes even after an experiment is ended.
Tracks of Ball Lightning in Apparatus?, JOURNAL OF CONDENSED MATTER NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 2, May, 2009. A microscopic object that causes transmutation and “cold fusion” reactions has been discovered through the recent work of about 5 groups, and through the earlier research of Matsumoto, Shoulders, W. Bostick and myself. These objects have been called EVs, monopoles, and micro ball lightning. W. Bostick called them plasmoids or EV filaments. These objects shift atoms into a previously unknown anomalous state in which atomic transmutation, superconductivity, and anomalous motion happen. In such an active plasmoid state (dark or energetic), there may be anomalous organization into geometrical structures, superfluid-like behavior and the emission of beams of various kinds as per Shoulders and ball lightning observations. There are often little or no heat effects. Atoms in this newly discovered plasmoid state also emit plasmoids and particles. The recent transmutation experiments of Savvatimova, Urutskoev and his coworkers, Ivoilov, and Adamenko have helped us to understand more about their behavior. The Russians used to call it “strange radiation” or “Lochak monopoles.” The state of matter exists in electrodes even after an experiment is ended.
Evidence of Ball Lightning — A Survey of Some Recent Experimental Papers Describing Microscopic Objects Associated with Transmutation Phenomena, Proceedings of the ICCF-14 International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, Washington, DC, 2008. Recent transmutation experiments of Adamenko, Savvatimova, Urutskoev and others emitted a previously unknown type of microscopic object that many people call “monopoles.” These are microscopic ball lightning. In these experiments, a previously unknown state of matter associated with ball lightning emission, superconductivity, transmutation and material transformation was discovered. The state of matter exists in electrodes even after an experiment is ended. It is part of the ‘life after death’ phenomena when objects continue to emit plasmoids such as ball lightning.
Microscopic Ball Lightning, Proceedings Ninth International Symposium on Ball Lightning, ISBL-06, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, August, 16-19, 2006. Ed. G. C. Dijkhuis. Natural ball lightning is a highly anomalous phenomenon. Very small ones are found in cold fusion experiments. Microscopic ball lightnings that are smaller than a tenth of a millimeter have been produced by electrical discharge and electrolysis experiments. It shares the anomalous characteristics of natural ball lightning such as the ability to bore holes in materials and transmute atoms. It groups and organizes in the same way as natural ball lightning in chains and rings. It has anomalous effects on materials, putting atoms into an anomalous state in which the atoms flow, move, organize, and transmute. Atoms in this state may move with very little heat in their environment. Pictures of microscopic ball lightning effects from various authors are included in this article to help describe the behavior of the phenomenon.
Traces of Ball Lightnings in Apparatus, Infinite Energy Magazine, 83, January/February 2009. This article describes microscopic ball lightning markings discovered in experiments by researchers this decade (Urutskoev et al., Savvatimova, Ivoilov). Earlier versions of this paper appeared in the Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Unconventional Plasmas (August 14-16, 2006) and in Unconventional Electromagnetics and Plasmas, vols 1 and 2, (2008).
Evidence of Microscopic Ball Lightning in Cold Fusion Experiments, The Proceedings of the ICCF 11, Marseilles, France, 2004. Evidence of micro ball lightning in cold fusion experiments from 1992-2004. This article contains pictures of microscopic ball lightning markings from Shoulders, Matsumoto, Savvatimova, Urutskoev, and Miley’s lab (taken by me).
Microscopic Ball Lightning in Cold Fusion, for the ICCF 11, Marseilles, France, 2004. Microscopic ball lightning exists according to the evidence found in several groups. Contains pictures of microscopic ball lightning markings from Shoulders, Matsumoto, Savvatimova, and Miley’s lab. Power point.
The Ball Lightning State in Cold Fusion, Proceedings of the ICCF 10, Boston, USA, 2003. There is evidence of microscopic ball lightning in the most common kinds of cold fusion and transmutation experiments. Photographs of ball lightning effects from four groups are shown in this article. There is a state of existence of material and energy like that of ball lightning. Common characteristics and effects of ball lightning are described as are simple hypotheses and conjectures. This article contains pictures of microscopic ball lightning markings from Shoulders, Matsumoto, Savvatimova, and Miley’s lab.
Photographs of Some Components of an Electrolysis Cell (from Miley’s Fusion Studies Lab.), 1996 manuscript article. These are pictures of a titanium cathode and two Lexan cell casings from nickel-plastic Run #8. These pictures were taken by me in 1996 using a good optical microscope. This cell was associated with a lot of transmutation shifts that showed the four hump pattern that Miley described. I compared these plasmoid markings to other experimental plasmoid markings known at the time by Matsumoto. An unused nickel on glass microsphere is shown in Picture #1. Picture #2 and #4 show the emission of plasmoids from the microsphere since there are the trail-like darkenings.
Additional Plasmoid Marks on Electrolysis Cell, 1997 manuscript article. This article followed up on the first one. Using a good optical microscope with a digital camera, I had captured dozens of good pictures. These show more possible plasmoid markings on the nickel on plastic microsphere Run #8 that became famous in the LENR field in the 1990s. It shows the association of plasmoids and transmutation since other experimental run components that I looked at didn’t have these plasmoid markings. His permission to perform this work is gratefully acknowledged.
Tornadoes and Ball Lightning, 1995 manuscript article. Tornadoes and ball lightning are similar phenomena. Plasmoid physics should be able to explain not only astrophysical and atomic phenomena, but even weather phenomena. Many macroscopic terrestrial weather phenomena are so strange and run so counter to popular thinking that they aren’t even believed. Shorter versions of this article were later published in Infinite Energy in March of 2000 and in Frontier Perspectives in 1997.
Concerning Production of Elements and Plasmoids, 1995 article. Everything is a plasmoidal in nature. Cold fusion is a manifestation of plasmoid phenomena. Shorter versions of this article were published in Infinite Energy in 1997, Extraordinary Science, a popular magazine called Cold Fusion that was at first edited by Eugene Mallove in 1996, and in other publications.
Gorgons, Tornadoes, and Plasmoid Phenomena, 1995 article. 2000 years ago in Europe, huge ball lightning originating from volcanoes or the ground were called “Gorgons.” They were thought of as a type of monster or god. Now they are often thought of as alien craft. There are many modern pictures and accounts of these lights around volcanoes. Egon Bach wrote a detailed book about these phenomena. The book and the subject itself is very interesting. There is a parallel with what happens during cold fusion and plasmoid emission from materials in labs.
Considerations about Plasmoid Phenomena and Superconductivity Phenomena, 1995 article. This work and the theory presented regarding how superconductivity is also a plasmoidal phenomenon was based on the early research that connected HTSC and atomic and nuclear transmutation by Deryagin, Lipson, and Celani and on ball lightning research and modeling. Later, in the last decade, Lipson worked with Miley, Castano and other experimental researchers at the University of Illinois to find provocative experimental evidence of a superconducting state existing in the spots in materials where transmutation occurs. They published their research findings in the regular journals and not only cold fusion related publications. I believe this evidence is confirmation of these ideas of plasmoids with superconductive properties forming and existing in materials. It is also evidence of atoms converting to the ball lightning state that I described in other articles.
Plasmoid Phenomena, 1995 article. What are plasmoids? This article shows some of my earliest ideas about plasmoids and their involvement in the transmutation phenomena now studied by lots of people. This article explains the basic plasmoid theory as I understand it. Since the middle 1990s, though Shoulders, Urutskoev and a group of others have done research on micro ball lightning objects, there has been so little published and reliable (replicated) evidence that I haven’t really been able to understand the anomalous plasmoid state better than I explained it here.

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